A unique project of The Publishing house «SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY» launched in June 2011. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the project combines the capabilities of a full-fledged publishing houses, digital libraries, information centre and group project management that may be carried out in the sphere of Economics, management, innovation, investment, education, science and culture in the framework of joint partnership programs. Our goal is to deliver knowledge to people, taking them out of the maze conditionally restricted approaches, illusions, misconceptions and common stereotypes of thinking on the wide expanse of the adequacy, creativity and enhanced perception of reality.

Ветеринария, Зоотехния и Биотехнология

Publication provides a unique opportunity for the dissemination of research results, innovative ideas, technologies and methodologies, innovative approaches and innovative solutions among scholars, professionals and practitioners in Russia and abroad. Editorial Board intends to bring together the creative potential of universities, scientific and industrial enterprises, government agencies and organizations to explore topical issues of veterinary medicine, Animal Breeding and Biotechnology, contribute to the work of specialists in the study of the key problems of modern science and practice, the impact of new technologies on biological production processes and to participate actively in the development of the discussions and recommendations on topical issues.

Kind regards,
editor in chief

Экономика и управление: проблемы, решения

The main purpose of the journal is free access to scientific articles and publications, dissemination original author's ideas, promote unconventional, innovative, creative scientific approaches to the solution of actual problems of management in a wide range of professional activities production and non-production realized by the state and corporate level. The editorial Board intends to contribute to the unification of scientific and practical potential of scientists, businessmen, management of organizations and enterprises for the purpose of analyzing and solving economic, financial, production and other relevant issues, to promote research on the most important aspects of the management and development of recommendations for the development of business activity.

With sincere respect,
the editorial Board and chief editor,
academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences
Yarlykapov A. B.


Рад приветствовать вас со страниц нового журнала, всецело посвященного достижениям науки, нашедшим достойное применение в производстве, медицине, образовании и других, самых разных, сферах нашей жизни. Надеюсь, это издание вызовет интерес жителей Протвино и других городов, где живут и работают люди, способствующие развитию научно-технической мысли. Идея создания журнала возникла как отклик на совершенно очевидную потребность нашего общества получать достоверную, исчерпывающую информацию обо всем, что связано с достижениями науки и производства, и это получило отражение в названии журнала. Выражаю признательность всем, чьими стараниями живут и развиваются города науки, и благодаря которым нам есть чем гордиться и к чему стремиться. Совместными усилиями нам удастся помочь решению важных задач.

Валерий Каминский, главный редактор